Heard about L'Oreal Professional Hairchalk, the newest way to color your hair? The beauty brand has a new formula that many women are using to temporarily transform their strands. Click through the slideshow to see the colors and great styles created by using the famous brand's newest product! 

The innovative liquid polish comes in eight shades, from pink, to blue, to green, to bronze. Targeted towards consumers who want to change their hair hue easily, the item is applied to the strands as a liquid before drying to a powdery finish. The colors can be mixed and matched, fading away in between 2 to 10 washes. The product is perfect for use in a salon, or for at-home application.  

Ségolène de Noray, Marketing Director at L'Oreal Professional and Essie, explained the breakthrough's appeal. "It allows us to go toward younger women, women who love changes, who aren't necessarily [attracted to coloring]," said de Noray. 

Brand ambassador Alexa Chung is already a big fan of the brand's newest offering. The television personality took to Instagram to post a braided hairstyle, featuring blue and purple tresses. And we've already seen a number of other girls posting their favorite Hairchalk-enhanced 'dos all over social media.

Whether these chalk lovers use a single hue or create the rainbow effect with multiple options, it's clear many have gone color crazy! Using the new beauty item is becoming a popular trend among women.

People can purchase a 50-ml bottle of Hairchalk, containing approximately 10 applications, for $33.65. Hairchalk hits most European markets in mid-November before launching in the U.S. March 2014. The product will also debut in Asia, except China, by next June. 

Industry sources estimate that L'Oreal newest creation will generate $2.7 million to $4 million in first-year wholesale revenues. 

Loving L'Oreal's latest beauty product? Chalking up the product's success up to all the color options offered by the brand? Check out the Hairchalk commercial and tutorial below, and don't forget to tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!