The 10 Minute Makeover: 'Inject' Youth & Firmness Into Skin With A Collagen Facial

We here at BWN love a good facial. Who doesn't? You close your eyes, lay back, relax and let skin take in all the nutrients and benefits. Sure we've all sported a DIY at-home facial, but have you tried one made of collagen? Unlike the injectables we often hear about, the Taut Gold Standard Collagen Mask is a brand new, innovative beauty facial that penetrates dehydrated, dull skin to brighten and redeliver moisture back to your complexion in just 7-10 minutes. Made by the same creators of the SK-II mask, now promoted by beautiful actress Kate Bosworth, we got a chance to speak with Larry Pederson, founder and distributor to learn more about this unique beauty mask. Craving a little collagen? Read our Q&A below.

We hear the word collagen thrown around so much in the beauty world. What exactly is collagen? 

Collagen is the largest and most abundant protein in the body, and as such it is a key building block for everything from the connective tissues of vital organs (heart, lungs, etc.), joints, ligaments and tendons, to hair, nails and the dermis layer of our skin.  It is a fibrous protein that functions much like the frame of a house, responsible for providing support for every other component both on the inside and outside.

What makes collagen so important for skin care? 

Collagen is critical for a healthy body and healthy skin - the 'dermis' (underlying) layer of our skin is made up of 95% collagen. Without sufficient collagen, our body will literally cave in and fall apart over time. As we age, our body's ability to produce collagen (and hyaluronic acid) plateaus in our mid to late 20's and then begins a long, unyielding decline, starting around age 30 - right around the time those first fine lines and wrinkles appear on our face.

So what is a collagen face mask? How'd you come up with it? 

We had a huge positive response to the Taut Collagen Drink, and people were wanting not just an internal collagen boost to their skin quality, they were looking for external help to complement it.  Through extensive development work in Japan some 5 years ago, we came out with what is today a strong winner in the Taut Collagen Mask.  It's an ultimate luxurious treat for tired skin and great for those who look for a quick lift, delivering hydration and radiance fast.

So Larry tell us, how is collagen infused into the mask? 

The word "infusion" used in relation to the Taut Collagen Infusion Mask firstly refers to the saturation of top-grade nano-sized hydrolyzed fish collagen, amongst other ingredients, into the mask itself. Secondly, we infuse   hydrating and repairing ingredients into the epidermis, delivering visibly transformed texture and appearance to skin. The mask is different from most collagen products. We have utilized special technology to shrink the super molecule down to a size small enough for body absorption, whether topically applied or ingested.

What are the benefits and pricepoint of the mask?

Users can achieve a smooth, moist and radiant complexion easily in just 7-10 minutes. Skin instantly feels velvety to the touch, supple and lifted. Fine lines seem to disappear as the skin becomes remarkably firm and youthful. You can buy a pack of five masks for $50.

How often should we use the mask? 

Before bed, slip on the Collagen Mask and let it do the work as it infuses skin with moisture and instantly revitalizes your complexion. For best results, we recommend using the mask at least 2-3 times/week. Masks are designed as single-use only, so apply, use, toss, and you're done.

Any additional tips or tricks for better skin? 

Yes! Drink plenty of water every day to maintain hydration. Eat a healthy, balance diet to ensure proper nutrients are available for skin repair. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, and always wear sunscreen. Get at least six hours of sleep - this is critical since the body repairs itself when we are asleep. And don't smoke!

Thanks Larry! Visit to learn more and purchase a set of collagen masks for yourself.

Ever try a collagen facial? Ready to experience the benefits? Let us know with a note below!

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