Justin Bieberthe "Bad Day" singer, is making headlines again after reportedly leaving a Brazilian brothel with two women on Friday. Miranda Kerr's rumored secret lover and the "Heartbreaker" singer hid his face under a bed sheet in media photos. 

According to Page Six, Bieber, 19, was busted by cameras while trying to sneak out of the X-rated spot. 

[For the photo, click HERE.]

"The star jumped into the back seat of a car while ladies from the brothel were escorted separately back to his hotel," said sources to the publication, adding that it costs between $200 to $400 to sleep with prostitutes, which are legal in Brazil.

Selena Gomez's ex-boyfriend allegedly spent more than three hours inside Centauros in Rio de Janeiro. Upon exiting the establishment, Biebs' security guards covered him and even sprayed water on photographers.

The baby-faced crooner, who was once romantically linked to Rihanna, even had his security team demanding that shutterbugs stop taking photos, reported Page Six.

Photographers had been tipped off as to Bieber's whereabouts. They confirmed that the person leaving the venue was actually Bieber due to a grey tattoo on the singer's inner wrist.

Brazilian news site, EGO also reported that the performer was kicked out of the sex den for breaking rules.

it looks like Bieber is again causing controversy and grabbing the world's attention. Think this report is actually true or is a case of mistaken identity? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!