Did Justin Bieber cause Miranda Kerr's split and divorce from Orlando Bloom?

A new The Mirror report suggested that the power couple decided to break up in 2013 after the "Heartbreaker" singer, 19, and beautiful Victoria's Secret supermodel, 30, partied together nearly a year ago.  

Kerr had reportedly cuddled up to Selena Gomez' ex-boyfriend in some intimate pictures backstage at a Victoria's Secret fashion show. Biebs happily posed next to the leggy beauty, who wear wearing an eye-catching, studded green corset.

The twosome also went out together to a nearby hotel, partying until the early hours with other stars at a New York Fashion Week soiree. With such a friendship, the pictures made Bloom very angry, reported the British newspaper, The Sunday People.

"Orlando heard that there had been some ­flirting ­going on," one source said according to The Mirror, "and he wasn't exactly thrilled about it." 

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star reportedly had a "sinking feeling when he heard about his wife's fascination with the ­fresh-faced pop star." And Kerr even had taught their two-year-old son, Flynn to say "Bieber fever." For our first story on their divorce, click HERE

"Miranda had always claimed that she was a fan of Justin's music," continued the source. "She has taught her son how to say Bieber fever but it is supposed to have caused an issue." 

But despite the riff and Bieber trouble, the couple are still cordial with each other, reported Hollywood Life

In fact, the pair were seen strolling the New York City streets arm-in-arm, with their son, Flynn just two days after announcing their separation.

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