Love It or Leave It: Ariana Grande's Blonde Hair

Ariana Grande unveiled her lighter ombre locks while promoting her "Sam & Cat" Nickelodeon show in the U.K. on Monday.

Can we just say that this color change was such a shock! Ariana had rose to fame on "Victorious" as a fiery redhead, then quietly went brunette in May. And now, she's a blonde! Three drastic dye jobs in one year equals daring diva, don't ya think?

We believe that every gal can transform her tresses, cut her coif, shorten her strands or lengthen her locks whenever, but Ariana has taken that beauty right to a whole other level. 

The starlet still has her signature dark roots, but this is a color we might need a little time to get used to. Ariana had playfully teased her fans while filming "Victorious," sporting a blonde wig for an episode or two last year. But who knew her onscreen hair color choice would spill over into real life. Talk about life imitating art!

The exact reason behind the "Baby I" singer's style switch-up is unknown, but maybe Ariana pondered the age old question that most girls wanting to go blonde do. Did Ariana ask herself whether blondes do have more fun?

Since the starlet looks like life is already such a blast, we hardly believe revamping her 'do will change that. But perhaps the color will bring more spice to her life.

Loving or leaving Ariana's new color? Let us know in the comments section below!        

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