Kim K is a new mom with a new makeover. The reality star and girlfriend of rapper Kanye West debuted light blonde tresses over the Labor Day weekend, and as always, to mixed reviews.

Whether you love it or would rather leave it, there's no denying the reality star has undergone a drastic change. The leap from deep brunette to blonde is always one of the toughest. Looking to take on the challenge and lighten up your own crown? Keep these seven little steps in mind and click through the slideshow to see some of Kim K's blonde moments.

Think about it first. Got a little blonde ambition? Who can blame you? Who doesn't want to see if blondes really do have more fun, if only once? If its been on your mind and your curious to try something new, do explore the idea, but don't be hasty. Even Kim K, with a fully armed glam squad, took her time to let the idea marinate before she grabbed the bleach. "I think she wanted to go blonde this time because she wanted a big change," George Papanikolas, the Kardashian hairstylist, told Us Weekly. "It was Kim's idea to go blonde, but everyone around her had some influence including myself." Which brings us to our next tip!