Try the Trend Again: Wrinkle-Fighting Face Bras

Curiosity has never been known to hurt a beauty junkie when it comes to her quest for youthful-looking skin. So get ready to learn more about a comeback product making the beauty rounds again. Reintroducing, the face bra, a rubberized device that prevent wrinkles. 

Many women still consider this age-defying cosmetic product to be surrounded by mystery. From beauty bloggers to makeup mavens, women everywhere want to know more about the bra-like device worn around the head. Face bras do look a little weird, with part of it curving around your face like adolescent headgear. But appearances aside, what is the deal with these anti-aging bras? Here's the scoop.

Face bras are nothing new, first gaining recognition on the "Ally McBeal" show in the late 1990s. Hailed as the latest anti-aging miracle at the time, many women were trying it on for size for fear of premature fine lines. The outlandish beauty items have also been marketed in Asia for several decades, according to The Cut. 

But now, the gimmick-like fad is being buzzed about again, with the emergence of the Hourei Lift Bra. Sold by the Japan Trend Shop, the product is available to for $40. The "bra" is a band that slides over the back of your head, with soft, silicone rubber curves and wire designed to remove smile and laugh lines.

As the manufacturers put it, "If you worry about your smile or laugh lines (nasolabial folds), then a simple but effective device like this that you can wear daily is your ticket to combating the signs of aging." 

The Hourei Lift Bra drawbacks? The item places a small amount of pressure on your cheeks, and users must do mouth exercises while wearing the shape-shifting facial product. 

After doing our homework on this and also watching a hilarious clip about face bras on the Ellen Show, we're not so sure about this product, are you? Perhaps this skin care throwback should stay in the past, or be kept strictly for comedic purposes only.

If you are however in the market for some non-invasive facial toning, try the Inside Out Facial, a personal favorite of actress Scarlett Johansson.

Buy into the face bra fad? Tell us your thoughts, no matter how funny, in the comments section below!         

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