Katy Perry and John Mayer are dating again in 2013.  The "Roar" singer and her on-again musician boyfriend love to make out to Drake, listening to the "No New Friends" rapper's songs a lot.

According to JustJared, Perry, 28, just spilled the beans that her and Mayer, 35, love to kiss each other with a soundtrack in the background. Drake is their entertainer of choice when it comes to a steamy smooching session.

"Who doesn't love Drake?" Perry said during her recent iTunes radio guest DJ stint, according to MTV News. "Drake is so sensitive but yet still so cool. It's a very hard balance to find sometimes. Emotional guys that are sensitive and strong but Drake is definitely that kind of guy."  

It turns out that Rihanna's on- and off- gain friend is a huge fan of the "Started from the Bottom" rapper, reported E! Online.

In fact, there are a few of Drake's songs that really get Perry in a good mood.

"He [Drake] really hit home for on this one called 'Hold On,' Perry continued. "I think it's beautiful. It sounds a little bit like kind of old vibey Lionel Richie [or] The Weeknd. It's sexy as hell."

The singer also confessed that particular Drizzy song is her favorite when getting romantic with Mayer.

"And I listen to it with my boyfriend [Mayer], so I would suggest listening to it with whoever you want to make out with," Perry added.

Perry, who just the second single, "Dark Horse" with rapper Juicy J off her forthcoming "Prism" album, also has a favorite tune that makes her dance. The song is quite racy.

"We all have that one song which after a couple drinks, you can't help but shake it," Perry said. "That song for me is [Major Lazer's] 'Bubble Butt.' It's the song I like to get down to. I don't really even need to drink to get down to it. It's great."

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