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Coming Soon: Katy Perry Party Lashes

ByClarissa Hamlin
Sep 17, 2013 11:53 AM EDT

Katy Perry has a new super-hot false eyelash line hitting stores this October. Eylure, the world's favorite eyelash brand, has created a set of limited-edition Katy Perry Party Lashes after "eyeing" the competition.

Ms. Perry always has lustworthy lashes, so we are not at all surprised that she is about to debut her own line of falsies for fans who covet them. Did you see Katy's new Killer Queen fragrance ad? The pop diva has some seriously endless lashes that are just as eye-catching as the jasmine and wild berry scent! Whether Katy's got an all-natural look like on the July Vogue cover or an over-the-top look like in her Killer Queen ad, she sure does look lashtastic every time.

Katy's line will include four different sets of lashes in collaboration with Eyelure, a company that has been creating falsies for Hollywood stars since 1947. We hear there's a blue-tinged set called Backstage and a jewel-encrusted pair called Starstruck. Each set of lashes has its own bling and sassy style that is sure to take your eyes from drab to fab in mere seconds! 

We don't have a favorite yet among the collection, but we will pick one and bring you more details as they become available closer to the launch of these lashes. 

Refinery 29 believes the lashes may not be appropriate for a day in the office, but they surely turn up the heat during a night out. 

Perry's lashes are $7.99 each, available at Kohl's, CVS, Ulta and Claire's stores next month. 

Buying and trying Katy's lashes? Let us know in the comments section below!           

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