Katy Perry has a new killer commercial to go along with her killer new fragrance. What a way to make us want the scent!

The pop diva's shot a clip for her new "Killer Queen" scent that is all about empowerment and being yourself. Love the lesson in girl power! Katy first appears as a stuffy, quiet Marie Antoinette-type character before she strips down and brings the sexy.

Katy rocks a strapless short fiery red dress with black stockings and towering black boots, letting her inner rock star come out to play. The pop diva struts tall and powerfully to her royal chair before kicking it over in a motion that can only say that she owns the throne. And the diva is not afraid to assume control.

Killer Queen is set to take Perry fans by storm. If the jasmine, wild berry, black plum, bergamot and red velvet notes don't convince you that this is a hot buy, then the commercial sure will do the trick.

Check out the commercial for the scent hitting stores in August, and tell us what you think in the comments section below!