Kourtney Kardashian Baby: Rumored Pregnant Star Facing Paternity Lawsuit by Model Michael Girgenti, Son Mason May Not Be Scott Disick's Biological Child

Kourtney Kardashian was slapped with a paternity lawsuit, with the rumored pregnant star facing allegations from model Michael Girgenti. He claims that Kardashian's son, Mason may not be Scott Disick's biological baby, according to court documents.

Girgenti, who had previously threatened to take Kardashian, 34, to court for join custody of her son, filed papers with the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Aug. 8, reported Hollywood Life.

He wants joint custody of 3-year-old Mason, claiming that he fathered him after he and Kardashian had unprotected sex in 2008.

According to TMZ, he and the oldest Kardashian sister began texting after meeting at a photo shoot for 944 magazine. At the time, Kardashian and Disick were "on the outs," and the reality TV star wanted to hang with him, he also claimed.

When Kardashian's son was born on Dec. 14, 2009, Girgenti  noticed a resemblance to the baby. He reached out to Kardashian, but was met with no response.

Now, he is requesting not only joint custody, but DNA tests for both Kardashian, Disick and Mason. 

But the reality TV star's attorney, Todd Wilson denies the claim, HL reported.

"This individual has been selling false and fabricated stories to the tabloids for years about Kourtney Kardashian and her son, Mason,"  Wilson said. "Scott Disick is Mason's father. We have not seen the reported court finding, but we are informed that this individual has been seeking to get paid to publish his ridiculous pleading."

The attorney continued that the "claims are absurb and are a shameful attempt to gain publicity and profit from fictional stories about Kardashian."

Think Girgenti is telling the truth or a lie? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!         

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