Reviving Marilyn Monroe’s Love for Chanel N°5

Chanel occupies the same iconic status as Marilyn Monroe in most women's hearts. While we all love the fragrance Chanel N°5, every now and then a celebrity reaffirms our faith. Just last month Brad Pitt did the same when he became the new face of the fragrance and now it is Marilyn Monroe’s voice.

Asked in an interview what Monroe wore to bed, the Hollywood legend blatantly replied, “Five drops of Chanel N°5.” With this she not only became the poster girl for the fragrance but also declared her love for it, giving a boost to its reputation.

Years after the interview and the death of Monroe, the French fashion house has released an audio footage from another interview taken in 1960, reports The lost footage was recently discovered by Chanel and has been used with a tribute video in honor of the star.

The two-minute video starts with an image of Monroe lying in bed as the question “What do you wear to bed?” appears on the screen and right afterwards pops up her answer. The video then goes on to say, “We may never know when she said the phrase for the first time.” Then the lost footage is unveiled, after which the video shows archives from parts of her life right from the time she was 26 years old and appeared on the cover of Life magazine, when her Chanel quote is published for the first time, her photo shoot for Modern Screen magazine, to an array of pictures with her lying in bed with a bottle of Chanel N°5 on her night stand and her interview with Marie Claire. The video ends with the words, “Forever Marilyn and N°5.”

The eclectic video once again helps us relive the charm and vigor of the legend as well as the essence of the iconic Chanel N°5 and once again we are not only in love with N°5 but also with the lovely Marilyn Monroe.

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