Mooncat nail polish
Mercury in Retrograde nail polish
(Photo : Mooncat)

Mooncat, a popular vegan nail polish brand, is set to unveil its latest addition to the lineup, the Mercury in Retrograde shade. 

This new hue promises to captivate with its unique blend of periwinkle blue and pink shimmer, accented by a silver magnetic stripe.

True to its celestial inspiration, Mercury in Retrograde aims to evoke the mysterious and mischievous energy associated with the planetary phenomenon it's named after. 

With its enchanting periwinkle blue base and vibrant pink shimmer, this magnetic lacquer invites users to embrace a touch of cosmic chaos in their nail routine.

The application process is described as smooth and effortless, ensuring a flawless finish. Mooncat recommends pairing the shade with its Matte Made in Hell or Speed Demon Top Coat for optimal longevity.

Mooncat also advises users to keep the lacquer in cool, dark places to maintain its integrity and vibrancy.

You can buy the new shade, packaged in a 12-milliliter size, for $16 on Mooncat's website.

Mooncat is an indie nail polish brand that has built a reputation for its commitment to crafting high-quality and inventive nail lacquers.

Last month, the brand unveiled the Queen of the Dead lacquer. This unique thermal lacquer undergoes mesmerizing color shifts in response to temperature changes. It provides users with an exciting opportunity to explore a spectrum of hues, influenced by their own body heat.