(Photo : mooncat)

Indie nail polish brand Mooncat has introduced a new addition to its collection, the "Queen of the Dead." 

This release marks the brand's first venture into red thermal nail polish and is part of its latest "Seasons of Persephone" Collection.

The Queen of the Dead lacquer, priced at $16 on Mooncat.com, is a thermal lacquer that shifts with temperature changes. It offers users the chance to experience various shades depending on their body heat.

Specifically, it offers a unique transition from a deep wine red when cold to a raspberry red when warm.

Mooncat advises users that it may take a few hours for the color transitioning effect to activate for the first time. 

Additionally, the brand recommends applying a base coat and finishing the look with a Speed Demon Top Coat to prevent chipping and extend the nail polish's wear.

Acknowledging the variability inherent in thermal lacquers, Mooncat notes that the appearance and transition may differ based on individual body chemistry, room conditions, and the current climate. 

Due to its thermal properties, the lacquer possesses a thicker formula, requiring a smooth application process.

Furthermore, the brand offers guidance on storage, likening its nail lacquers to vampires and advising users to store them in cool, dark places to maintain optimal appearance and application. Mooncat cautions that exposure to excessive heat or sunlight may alter the color or consistency of the lacquer over time.

The Queen of the Dead nail polish adds to Mooncat's commitment to providing vegan nail polish options.

The brand's "Seasons of Persephone'' Collection has garnered significant attention, becoming the best-selling launch in Mooncat's history.