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Australian actress Rebel Wilson burst into the Hollywood scene starring along Anna Kendrick in the sleeper hit movie Pitch Perfect. After three hit Pitch Perfect movies and playing "Fat Amy," Wilson has waved goodbye to that moniker and went on a weigh loss journey that shook the world.

Rebel Wilson on her "Year of Health"

Wilson, after losing weight with all the dance routines on the movie adaptation of CATS, declared 2020 as her "Year of Health." Declaring her goal weight as 165 pounds on Instagram, the 41-year-old actress set out to achieve that goal in the healthiest way possible. Through her Instagram feed, Wilson shared her fitness journey and fans encouraged her through rounds of gym exercises, boxing, HIIT workouts, surfing and skiing. Wilson even powered through tire flips.

Diet-wise, People reported that Wilson followed the Mayr Method. The Mayr Method focuses on gut health and eliminates snacking and reduces dairy and gluten intake. Chewing food slowly and eating without distractions such as having mobile phones at the dining table is also a huge part of the method.

Women's Health reveals that Wilson has already hit her weight goal in November last year. To maintain her weight, Wilson says she does moderate walking an hour daily. She also trains with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson when she's not shooting.

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Rebel Wilson, Olly Ambassador

In an exclusive interview with Byrdie, Wilson expresses her delight as the new Olly ambassador. She called the opportunity "awesome" since even before the partnership, she already had a lot these gummy vitamins and supplements on her kitchen counter.

Wilson says that as part of her routine, she takes The Essential Prenatal Multivitamins and candidly shares that she's been on fertility treatments since last year. She takes Heavenly Hair or Undeniable Beauty for hair, skin and nail health.

To keep her immunity levels up and to manage stress, she also takes Active Immunity  and Goodbye Stress when she feels the need for a health boost. Wilson adds that when she's writing, she pops a Laser Focus gummy and takes the Sleep supplement 20 minutes before going to bed.

Rebel Wilson on Skincare

Wilson shares that Australians are big on sun protection and she uses Dermalogica sunscreen every day. She sticks to Dermalogica for her facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Wilson is also a fan of retinol and uses Kate Somerville Dermalquench Liquid Lift + Retinol. She adds that she's also been using a lot of Korean masks and says that "Koreans know their beauty products."

Rebel Wilson on Self-Care

Wilson tells Byrdie that 2021 will be a very hectic year. She's about to shoot three back-to-back movies in different locations. To cope with her busy schedule and working amidst a pandemic, she says that she gets endorphins from exercise. As a result, that helps her sleep better. Wilson also loves her bubble baths and buys $2 Epsom salts from Walgreens.

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