Cindy Crawford Shares Her Beauty Secrets For Aging GracefullyCredit : Victor Boyko/Getty Images

Cindy Crawford was easily one of the most recognizable faces in the '90s. The iconic supermodel dominated the runways and was a favorite muse for major fashion houses such as Versace, Chanel, Christian Dior, and Valentino. Her exotic beauty with that trademark beauty mark was seen on numerous fashion magazines including 50 covers of Vogue.

Crawford also starred in several movies and hosted TV shows. Crawford recently turned 55 in February and she looks as fabulous as ever. Find out how Crawford keeps her youthful looks as she unveils her beauty secrets for aging gracefully.

Cindy Crawford's Beauty Routine

Start from the inside.

We've all heard it before. To look good, start from the inside. Crawford eats right, works out, and keeps herself hydrated. Women's Health wrote that she usually drinks a protein shake in the morning and works out. Lunch consists of chicken and salad.

When she goes out for dinner, Crawford opts for sushi. When she's staying in, she'll whip up turkey meatballs with some pasta, vegetables, and salad on the side. She adds that she doesn't eat a lot of packaged foods. Crawford also makes sure she gets enough sleep and shares with Byrdie that her "best sleep" is from 11 p.m. until 4 or 5 a.m.

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Invest in skincare.

One thing she's learned from her long career in the modelling and beauty industries is to invest in skincare. She tells Byrdie that goes on your skin is worth investing in. Crawford says you can go for inexpensive mascara, lip gloss or nail polish, but splurge on skincare and foundation.

Her go-to foundation is BY TERRY Illuminating Liquid Foundation. She also loves Crème de la Mer The Lip Balm. She uses products from her own anti-aging skincare line, Meaningful Beauty, to maintain her healthy complexion. Her favorite products include the Intensive Triple Exfoliating Treatment and the Anti-Aging Day Crème With Environmental Protection SPF 30.

Crawford also loves applying a serum as they're more potent. She applies her Meaningful Beauty Youth Activating Melon Serum before her day cream. In the evening, Crawford also makes sure she takes off her makeup and applies a retinol cream after cleansing.

Be careful with your eyebrows.

Crawford's has always been careful about not overplucking her eyebrows. Overplucked brows can look aging and takes months, even a year, to grow back properly. Crawford shares that this is one of the lessons that she has taught her supermodel daughter Kaia Gerber. She adds that you'll regret over-tweezing your brows later.

Use ice to depuff your eyes.

On a beauty routine video for Vogue, Crawford uses Glycelene's Golden Ice Globes to soothe and depuff her eyes. If puffy eyes are common for you, you can invest in the same beauty tool. However, you can also replicate the results at home with some ice cubes or cold tea bags.

Invest in silk pillowcases.

Crawford shares that sleeping on a silk pillowcase makes hair less frizzy. She has also noticed fewer wrinkle lines on her face in the morning. Try Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase.

Never skip sunscreen.

Every dermatologist will insist on sunscreen every day. This is one piece of advice Crawford has followed since she was 19. If you're on the lazy side of skincare, try a moisturizer infused with sunscreen to save yourself an extra step in the morning.

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