Jimmy Carr Spills the Reason Behind his Dramatic Transformation

Jimmy Carr
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Jimmy Carr gets honest as he reveals the reason why he chose to alter his appearance.

The British comedian has been vocal about his transformation and did not shy away admitting it in public.

To recall, the "8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown" host shared last year that he did quite a lot of makeovers during the quarantine.

In a report obtained by the Daily Mail, he confessed getting a new set of teeth, botox, and hair transplant.

The Reason Behind Jimmy Carr's Transformation


Now, one of UK's most successful comedians revealed the reason behind his dramatic change.

During his recent interview with Gabby Logan's Midpoint podcast, the 48-year-old tv host shared that he wanted to maintain his TV persona and what he sees in the mirror.

"What I imagine in my head matches what I see in the mirror," he explained, adding, "It's the illusion of being on TV - you see yourself in full makeup looking your best and lit well, then you look in the mirror and go, 'Oof, that's disappointing,'" he mentioned.

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Jimmy Carr Details his Three-Day Teeth Renovation

As for his transformation, the award-winning host shared what procedure he did first--and that is getting his teeth fixed.

Moreover, he admitted that it's more than just veneers.

Interestingly, the stand-up comedian went to detail the whole process.

For Jimmy Carr's transformation, he underwent a three-day teeth renovation explaining that he spent almost 12 hours in the dental chair to fix his teeth.

"I did 12 hours in the chair the first day, then 12 hours the second, it was like a three-day thing where you've got temporary things on. It's pretty full-on," he mentioned.

As for getting surgeries like facelift, he mentioned that he refuses to get this done because it would totally change his look, and that's not what he's going for.

"I think that thing of age is that people don't really see what's there, people are good at pattern recognition, that's all they do, teeth and hair.

Jimmy Carr's Hair Transplant

During their conversation, Gabby asked him about his hair and noticed that it got "a bit chestnutty."

The comedian-host then explained that he did "a bit of something"-- referring to his hair transplant, which he had undergone during the post-lockdown.

Carr explained that his hairline isn't receding but wanted to make it fuller.

Jimmy Carr on Maintaining his Looks

Known for his dark humor, the English-Irish comedian started in showbizness in 2000 after working as a marketing executive.

He worked his way up and began to appear in a series of shows such as "8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown" and "The Big Fat Quiz of the Year."

With his line of work, he wanted to look presentable, hence getting face alteration.

He admitted that maintaining the look is the hardest, adding, "I don't think there's anything you can do plastic surgery wise, or augmentation wise, that makes you look better, you can just sort of stay the same, that's what you can hope for."

Aside from this, he is also looking after himself by exercising and getting food supplements.

Furthermore, he explained that "feeling better" is a part of his "health overhaul."

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