Louis Vuitton Puppet HoodieCredit : Louis Vuitton Official Website

Luxury fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton have created innovative products that cater to the new normal.

As the retail industry grappled due to the effect of COVID-19, the French fashion house released two essential items that provide comfort and style.

Louis Vuitton's Take on COVID-19 Essentials

With this, Louis Vuitton face mask was introduced in the market as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requires people to wear face masks while in public places to reduce and protect against risks of contracting the deadly virus.

According to their website, the Knit Face mask "combines practicality with enduring Louis Vuitton style."

Moreover, the reusable mask features their signature Monogram pattern that goes well with almost every style.

Following their artisan craft face masks, LV unveiled another luxury fashion accessory, their high-end face shield, which was part of its 2021 Cruise collection.

Furthermore, the personal protective equipment (PPE) can be doubled as a sun visor since it can be flipped over into a cap.

It is made from plastic-like material that has fabric trim. It also features an elasticated strap that is designed to fit snugly around the head.

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Louis Vuitton's Puppet Hoodie

The people's perspective towards fashion has also shifted as some opted for comfortable style.

Oversized sweaters, hoodies, biker shorts, and jogger pants have dominated that 2020 trend.

Earlier this month, the French luxury brand released an interesting collection of tops that debuted at Virgil Abloh's Spring/Summer 2021 Tokyo show.

Dubbed as the "puppet hoodie," the made to order sweater features puppet details from Louis Vuitton's Friends theme that retails for $7,500.

Moreover, the brand's artistic director explained that this "showcases the playful puppets that are a major theme this season. "

Each 14 puppet was "crafted from a blend of crochet and cotton-silk jersey" that also includes a flamingo, panda bear, mouse, scorpion, frog, monkey, and a few other mythical creatures.

LV's collection is not just aesthetically pleasing, but it also serves its purpose of giving warmth and comfort as the black sweater is made out of 100% soft merino wool knitwear.

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Louis Vuitton's Puppet Hoodie Draws Flak on Social Media

Unfortunately, not all we're impressed by the luxury brand's recent collection. 

In response to Vogue Paris' Twitter post, users call this the "world's ugliest sweater," writing, "This is the world's ugliest sweater. Was the designer blind?"


Moreover, the second expressed the same thought and even pointed out that the global pandemic is responsible for LV's unappealing design.

"They say Covid is responsible for loss of taste and so..." while an individual posted, "That's dumb, but that's a masterpiece for a hardcore LV collector."

Others mocked LV's puppet hoodie and mentioned that they could also make a design like this and sell it at a lower price.

"I can make it for 10$," one tweeted.

However, some had a different sentiment towards the luxury brand's controversial hoodie.

"'I LOVE it!! So unique. And never be lost without a soft toy," an individual commented.

Well, at least, there was someone who had the same taste as Abloh.

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