Planet Kind is Gillette's Solution to Plastic ProblemCredit : planetkindbygillette/Instagram

Another major player is climbing on the sustainability bandwagon. Gillette, a leading brand in men's grooming products, just launched Planet KIND, a line of refillable products made with sustainable materials. Business Wire shares that Planet KIND packaging is made from 85 percent recycled plastic, 85 percent paper or recyclable aluminum. The razor that's included in the Planet KIND lineup is also made of 60 percent recycled plastic.

Gillette will be working with Plastic Bank to ensure that for every Planet KIND product sold, 10 plastic bottles will be prevented from entering the ocean. This initiative began on February 1 and as Premium Beauty News reports, Planet KIND aims to prevent 10 million plastic bottles from polluting the ocean within its first year in the market. Gillette has also teamed up with Terracyle to repurpose hard-to-recycle blades and razors. As written in the Procter & Gamble press release, Planet KIND's launch is a part of Gillette's 2030 Sustainability Goals to have "100% of Gillette packaging be recyclable by 2030 and to increase the use of post-consumer recycled content for products."

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The Planet KIND Lineup

Starter Kit

Planet KIND's starter kit includes one razor handle and two blade refills. As mentioned, the Planet KIND razor handle is made from 60 percent recycled plastic and is built to last. It features a no-slip grip with a grooved texture for the thumb to rest on for maximum control. The razor features five blades for a smooth and close shave and each refill is good for a month's worth of shaves. The kit costs $10.

Planet KIND Refreshing Face Wash

The Planet KIND Refreshing Face Wash is infused with vitamin E and cucumber to gently cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells. It contains zero parabens, sulfates, alcohols and dyes and the recyclable bottle is made from 85 percent recycled plastic.

Planet KIND Nourishing Moisturizer

Just like the Refreshing Face Wash, the Nourishing Moisturizer is formulated with vitamin E and cucumber to hydrate, nourish, and soothe the skin. It's also meant to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier which is often compromised by harsh skincare products. It's also paraben and sulfate-free and has no alcohols and dyes. The bottle features the same recyclable material as the Refreshing Face Wash.

Planet KIND Protective Shave Cream

The hero ingredients of the Protective Shave Cream are still vitamin E and cucumber to reduce irritation when shaving. The Protective Shaving Cream comes in a durable aluminum jar and is infinitely recyclable.

For all the Planet KIND products, you can do a one-time purchase or better yet, you can subscribe to a refill schedule that delivers every month, every three months, or every six months. The grooming products all cost $8 each and shipping is free for all refills. As for your used razor blades, you can sign up for the Terracycle program online and ship out your used cartridges (and handles). You can also drop them off at official Terracycle drop-off points.

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