Ace of Air Is A New Beauty and Wellness Brand With Rentable Packaging  Credit : _ace_of_air_/Instagram

Luxury beauty brands spend a lot of money to perfect their eye-catching packaging. However, the sustainability movement is changing the game and more beauty brands are shifting to eco-friendly packaging that's reusable and recyclable.

Ace of Air, founded by industry veteran and former Revlon CMO Stephanie Stahl  and supermodel Petra Nemcova, is a new beauty and wellness brand that has forgone the use of plastic in their packaging. As Fast Company reports, they chose to go with stainless steel and food grade-ceramic jars and bottles, seals made of fair-trade rubber and other sustainable materials that Ace of Air says can last at least 100 cycles of use.

You may be wondering what these cycles mean. Shopping at Ace of Air means you'll be using what they call a Boomerang Box. Once you place your orders, they'll be shipped in the rentable Boomerang Box and you'll have to return the box within 30 days. The return shipping is prepaid and you'll be provided with a shipping label so you can easily return it via any UPS drop box. The rent of this Boomerang Box costs $3, and there will be additional charges if you don't return it. You also rent each product's packaging at $2 each and your empties should be sent back within six months. They'll have to be in good condition so they can be refilled and sent back to you, should you choose to continue using the products.

Aside from using sustainable material and sustainably grown ingredients, Ace of Air products are vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified. The Zoe Report adds that Ace of Air shoppers will be able to earn rewards points that they can donate to the following Ace of Air partners and  non-profit organizations:  Ocean Conservancy,  Peconic Land Trust, 5 Gyres. Ace of Air pledges to give 3 percent of their revenues to those three NGOs.

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The Products

Forbes reports that moringa and honokiol, a magnolia tree bark derivative, are a couple of the brand's hero ingredients. Here are the initial products launched by Ace of Air. They are now available on the website and can be shipped anywhere in the US.

Illuminate Me Sunrise Serum

Formulated with moringa and a peptide-powered blend of antioxidants and vitamins, this serum aims to brighten skin, improve its elasticity, and support collagen production.

Illuminate Me Halo Moisturizer

A lightweight, quick absorbing and non-greasy moisturizer for plump and luminous skin.

Restore Me Space Age Serum

This anti-aging serum serves as a retinol alternative with honokiol, peptides, antioxidants, and omegas to rejuvenate mature skin.

Restore Me Bounce Back Moisturizer

Just like Space Age Serum, honokiol is the hero ingredient of this lightweight but "heavy-hitting" anti-aging moisturizer that should hydrate skin deeply and help smoothen age lines.

Illuminate Me Aurora Capsule

Meant to complement the first two Illuminate Me products, this supplement contains moringa, vitamins and ceramides for healthy glowing skin that starts from the inside.

There are three other supplements from Ace of Air that target a variety of health concerns like gut health, anti-aging, and body detoxification. Two more supplements are coming soon. Check them out here.

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