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EcoTools is setting the bar high with their new line of makeup sponges. 

Known for its sustainable and environment-friendly beauty tools and skincare, the brand introduces the first-ever biodegradable makeup sponge on the market. 

While the cosmetic industry generates a ton of plastic waste, especially with packaging, EcoTools has an ecological approach. 

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World's First 100% Biodegradable Blender 

Through their latest line called BioBlender, it features a 100% biodegradable makeup sponge, and not only that, but it is also made from five vegan ingredients. 

Moreover, the brand has collaborated with Dr. John Nanos, a Ph.D. in Organic Polymer Chemistry, and it is said to take them five years to create something new to the beauty market. 

According to him, it was rewarding to create a "revolutionary sustainable product" that focuses on using "natural and biodegradable sources."

The same goes with Niki Rybacek, Product Innovation Manager for EcoTools, who echoed the same stance and shared that they saw a lack of sustainable tools available on the market. 

With this, they developed an innovative product that would address environmental footprints. 

"Traditional makeup sponges are a leading cause in adding to unnecessary waste, and as a leader in sustainable beauty, we saw an opportunity in the market to address this. The consumer is looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint and expects brands and retailers to do the same." Rybacek mentioned, as obtained by

He also mentioned the company is thrilled to introduce their new line of makeup sponges with the goal to design "high-quality, planet-friendly beauty and self-care products attainable by all."

With their tagline "more beauty, less waste," the world's first biodegradable blender is expected to degrade within 180 days in a compost environment. So rest assured that this will not go straight to the landfill that adds up to the pollution. 

Moreover, Rybacek also explained that the BioBlender would "degrade like any other food item you could otherwise compost, such as a banana peel in the garbage."

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BioBlender Details

Aside from those mentioned above, their latest blending sponge features three distinct edges that help reach different sides of the face and create a flawless application. 

This multi-purpose brush can be used to contour and blend foundation while building the desired coverage, plus, the top edge is great for under the eyes, especially with baking. 

You can use this either damp for sheer and dewy effect or dry for fuller coverage and touch-ups; however, Rybacek recommends thoroughly cleaning the sponge at least once a week to remove dirt and bacteria, as cited by Harper's Bazaar.

The $5.99 product comes in a deep purple color that is also safe for sensitive skin and, not to mention, dermatologist tested.

Aside from this, EcoTools offers bundles such as the sponge duo, which retails for $10.39. 

When you think two is not enough, they also have a sponge trio that comes in full size, a midi-size, and mini-size BioBlender. 

Interestingly, EcoTools also created a biodegradable facial cleansing mitt that is suited for gently exfoliating the skin.

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