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Skincare has become a big trend in the beauty industry these past few years.

Nowadays, companies have thrived on offering consumers new and innovative products to address skin concerns and maintain youthful and clearer skin.

Some cosmetics products now feature skincare benefits like anti-aging and ingredients that boost collagen production and suitable elements for susceptible and allergy-prone skin.

During the quarantine period, "maskne" or mask acne, which involves acne breakouts from wearing a face mask, is the number one skin concern of most women. Aside from tiny bumps and pimples, some are also experiencing pesky blackheads around the nose area.

According to, these small, dark lesions, which are often seen on the face and neck, are considered mild acne.

Blackheads occur when the pores are blocked with dead skin cells and oily, protective substances known as sebum.

While attempting to achieve that clear and even complexion, most of us are exploring the wonders of DIY and at-home treatments. As a result, we found ourselves trying to find gems in online shopping and clicking that add to cart button.

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Is Dermalogica's Clearing Fizz Mask the Best Blackheads Removal?

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As cited by, top shopping recommendation website Narrativ suggests that Dermalogica's blackhead clearing fizz mask received more than 1,000 percent of searches.

Per the publication, the product gained mostly positive reviews, and users have been raving about its effectiveness.

According to shoppers' testimony, the Dermalogica fizz mask is more than just a fun gimmick with its intense bubbling effect; but it also works wonders in treating blackheads.

Based on the reviews obtained by the outlet, it is a skincare "must-have" for combination and most especially to acne-prone skin.

Another shopper also mentioned that the mask works "like a miracle" by zapping out blackheads in just five minutes by deep-cleaning the pores and removing clogs and dirt.

The California based company is known for redefining beauty and skincare since 1986. Based on the site, the blackhead clearing fizz mask, which retails around $22, contains an "active fizzing formula that effectively clears pores and helps target blackheads." This method only activates upon application.

Aside from this, it also decongests skin by opening the pores and speeding up the blackhead clearing.

This product also contains sulfur that helps to absorb excess oil that may cause acne breakouts.

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TikTok star Dixie D'Amelio Also Uses Dermalogica's Clearing Fizz Mask

With the hype of this product, TikTok star Dixie D'Amelio swears by Dermalogica's clearing fizz mask.

In a previous report by Allure magazine, the internet celebrity who is also the brand's newest Clear Start Ambassadors for "Candid Conversations" campaign, the brunette beauty revealed that she learned more about skincare through TikTok.

In addition, she mentioned that as a treat to her skin, she ends her beauty routine by using the clearing Fizz Mask.

"The mask opens up my pores and clears my blackheads," she said, adding, "I love the fizz effect because it immediately feels like it's working."

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