Viral TikTok Dark Under Eye Circle Tutorials Are Getting Mixed ReactionsCredit : sarathefreeelf/TikTok

Insomniacs, rejoice! It seems that dark under eye circles are now something to be celebrated, thanks to a viral TikTok video. While many are not ready to let go of their favorite concealers, some are jumping on this bandwagon and purposely drawing eye bags with mauve or purplish lip crayons. However, these viral TikTok dark under eye circle tutorials are getting mixed reviews online.

It all started with a video posted by TikTok user @sarathefreeelf that shows her applying an unspecified brown-purple color stick on her eye bags to emphasize them. The video already has 6.7 million views and 1.1 million likes. Similar videos have already popped up showing TikTok users doing the same thing.

Is Grunge making a comeback?

Glamour observes that this viral look is reminiscent of the '90s grunge makeup that used a lot of woodsy red and purple eyeshadow blended expertly under the lower lash line. Just look up '90s grunge bands on YouTube to get a clear picture.  These days, it's easy enough to follow this trend. Just grab a mauve or purple toned lipstick and just swipe it under your eye to fake dark under eye circles. You can even blend blue, red, and purple eyeshadows to achieve the look. Smudge and blend with your fingertips until it will appear like you've only managed a couple of hours of shut eye.