How To Safely Dye Sparse Eyebrows At Home Credit : Atikh Bana/Unsplash

Call it shallow if you must, but one thing people miss during this Covid-19 crisis are visits to the salon. It's a self-care indulgence that can't be discounted, but something that everyone has managed to go without. While some have perfected trimming their hair at home, anything that has to do with our face requires more careful consideration. Case in point, eyebrow tinting. This semi-permanent method has become very popular pre-Covid-19 as it saves a lot of time, effort and money. While salon professionals know exactly what dye to use that's safe on skin (hair dye doesn't count), you can try eyebrow tinting at how with some expert advice.

Since mask-wearing is now a constant requirement, our eyes and eyebrows are highlighted more than ever. Thankfully, inquisitive beauty editors are here to save the day. Here are the steps to safely dye sparse eyebrows at home.

Choose your brow dye carefully.

There are now plenty of brow tinting kits in the market and beard or mustache dye is another safe and popular choice. Brow expert Joey Healy tells Mind Body Green that for those with sensitive skin, look for vegetable-based dyes. Also, it's better to do a patch test behind the ear or on the wrist to avoid allergic reactions on your face. Glamour recommends Just for Men's Mustache and Beard Gel or L'Oréal Paris Root Rescue, while Marie Claire suggests Eylure Pro Dye Kit, Ardell Brow Tint, Godefroy Tint Kit For Spot Coloring in Medium Brown and 1000Hour Eyelash and Brow Dye.

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Find the right shade.

When choosing the right color, it's safer to go one shade lighter. If you're aiming for dark brown eyebrows, buy a medium brown tint. If you're going for medium brown then go for a light brown tint, and so on. You can always do another tinting session after a few days if you want to go a shade deeper.

Prep your eyebrow area.

Just like when you're dying your hair, protect the areas that you don't want to stain. Carefully apply petroleum jelly above and beneath your eyebrows, but make sure to keep your brows free from any product. Make sure they're dry before the tinting process, as well.

Paint your eyebrows.

Paint your eyebrows with your chosen dye. Paint the entire brow and use clean mascara brush to remove clumps. Healy adds that you can use a damp cotton swab to outline your ideal shape. Follow the timing instructions then wipe and rinse off. To be safe, Healy says three minutes is a good starting point. Tinting in multiple rounds is better than getting stuck with very dark eyebrows, especially if you have very fair skin.

If you do end up with brows that are too dark, wash your brows with some shampoo and conditioner. Make sure not to scrub too hard to avoid losing eyebrow hairs. Home tints don't last that long anyway so it won't take as long to fade. In the meantime, use a lighter brow gel to soften their appearance.

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