It's Not Pseudoscience: Jade Rollers Have Real Benefits

It's Not Pseudoscience: Jade Rollers Have Real Benefits
(Photo : cottonbro / Pexels) Jade rollers are popular for a reason and they're here to stay.

Jade rollers have been in the mainstream for at least couple of years. You may even already have one or was given one by a friend. While there are many beauty enthusiasts that sing the praises of these stone facial rollers, there is probably an equal amount of people who deem jade rolling a pseudoscience.

Dermatologist Dr. Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin tells Marie Claire that jade facial rollers have been used for massage in China since the 17th century. Along with the use of the gua sha, that flat curved stone that is sometimes sold in tandem with a jade roller, the main idea of facial massage is to help with lymphatic drainage.

How Facial Rollers Work

While facial rollers aren't the cure-all as some tout it to be, those with easily irritated skin can benefit from the coolness of the stone. The stone doesn't even have to be jade. There are other stones like quartz, amethyst and obsidian that are used in facial rollers - the latter you can even find in Alicia Keys' Keys Soulcare wellness line. According to Marie Claire, aside from removing excess fluid and puffiness on the face, facial rolling can brighten skin, calm breakouts and inflamed skin, smoothen lines and wrinkles, decrease dark undereye circles and may also ease tension headaches. If anything, facial rolling is relaxing and will help ease you into a more "zen" kind of mood. What dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Chwalek confirms to Glamour is that facial rollers or facial massages improve circulation and lymphatic drainage to make your face look less puffy and your skin more glowing.

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How To Use A Facial Roller

Start with a clean and moisturized face. While some people suggest cleaning your facial roller with alcohol, it's best to wash it with soap and water to avoid damaging the surface of the stone.

 Sandra Lanshin Chiu, expert in Chinese medicine dermatology and owner of a holistic healing studio, says to start with the neck. Place your roller at your hairline on the back of the neck and roll downwards. Then work towards the front from your jawline down the collarbones. The neck will be the only area where you'll be applying downward massaging motions.

For the face, the idea is to push excess fluid trapped in the skin cells toward the lymph nodes so they can be drained properly. From the center of your chin, roll outwards and upwards toward the ear. Repeat on the other side. Repeat the same upwards motions from the sides of your mouth and the sides of your nose.

On the forehead, roll upwards from your brow to the hairline, then outwards towards the temples once you reach the end of your eyebrows.

Facial Roller Recommendations

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