How To Smell Good Without Perfume If You're Allergic to FragranceCredit : Yogandha Oils / Unsplash

Not everyone likes perfume, but all of us want to smell good. Some just cannot stand cloying scents, while some are actually allergic to it. Still, who doesn't want to stay fresh as a daisy all day? Dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner tells Instyle that body odor can be caused by different factors such as diet, sweat levels, bathing frequency and natural bacteria on the skin. Below are useful tips to keep body odor away, with or without perfume.

Observe good hygiene.

Bathing frequently is the first thing dermatologists will stress. The skin produces natural oil and high levels of it allow bacteria and fungi to grow and give off an unpleasant odor. The best thing to keep these microorganisms at bay is to bathe frequently. While the colder temperatures of winter can be a bother, a quick warm shower twice a day will keep you smelling clean and fresh. However, you also don't want to kill off good bacteria.  Dr. Shari Sperling of Sperling Dermatology recommends a gentle cleanser like Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash. Dermatologist Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse also suggests using a benzoyl peroxide wash on the armpits to kill bad underarm bacteria.

Watch your diet.

Dr. Zeichner says that digestion can impact the smell of sweat. There are specific foods that are known to cause body odor and some of those are garlic, cauliflower, broccoli and brussel sprouts. However, these veggies are also highly nutritious so instead of avoiding them completely, just balance it out with good hygiene.

Use salt as a natural deodorant.

If you want to avoid fragrance, aluminum and other chemicals found in deodorants, Dr. Zeichner advises using a salt-based underarm product like the aluminum, phtalate and paraben-free CRYSTAL Mineral Deodorant Stick. This is also safe for all ages.

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Use lemon to kill bacteria and odor.

Most kitchens already have lemons. Apply lemon juice with a cotton pad or just directly rub lemon slices on your armpits. According to Bustle, the citric acid will help kill bacteria and odor and you will also benefit from its brightening properties.

Witch hazel can help, too.

Witch hazel has antiseptic properties and is a natural sterilizer. Aside from cleaning wounds, it can also get rid of body odor. Apply it directly to your skin, particularly to your underarms, to kill bacteria and to neutralize the skin's pH level.

Make your own essential oil blend.

Instead of buying perfume, choose essential oils that that you don't find overpowering. Hello Glow suggests using a roll-on bottle to make application easy. To make your own blend, combine your favorite essential oils with a carrier oil (oils that have minimal or no scent) such as jojoba or grapeseed oil.

In a 10 ml glass roll-on bottle, mix 10 to 12 drops of essential oil, and then fill the rest of the bottle with the carrier oil. Mix well and apply to pulse points. Shake well before each use.

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