How Fast Does Hair Grow?

How Fast Does Hair Grow?
(Photo : Victor Xok / Unsplash) Do you want waist-length hair? That takes years. How fast does hair grow? Find out here.
How Fast Does Hair Grow?
(Photo: Victor Xok / Unsplash)
Do you want waist-length hair? That takes years. How fast does hair grow? Find out here.

Our head has around 100,000 hair follicles. Whatever the exact amount an individual has, that's it. We are born with that total amount and that is all we will ever have in our lifetime. Aging stops follicles from producing hair and that is when thinning begins.

Hair grows a quarter of an inch per month, half an inch if you're lucky. It can be influenced by several factors: genes, diet, age, hair type, overall health, and existing health conditions.

Stages of Hair Growth

According to Healthline, hair grown in three stages:


The active growth phase that lasts from two to eight years. In this time, hair can grow anywhere between 18 to 30 inches and the maximum length depends on genetics, health, and age. About 90 percent of your hair is in this phase at any given time. More research still needs to be conducted on how the body activates the anagen stage.


The transition phase when hair stops growing that lasts for two to three weeks. During this phase, the hair follicles shrink and slows down hair growth. About five percent of your hair is in this phase.


The resting phase where hair falls out that lasts for two to three months. Healthline estimates that 10 to 15 percent of your scalp hairs are in this phase.

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Hair Care for All Phases

Everyone wants strong and healthy hair. Here are some tips to achieve that.

Keep your scalp healthy. The dermis layer contains the hair follicles, glands, blood vessels, collagen, elastic fibers, etc., so keeping this layer healthy will help hair health as well. Scalp therapist Bridgette Hill tells Cosmopolitan to introduce proper scalp care into your hair routine to help minimize shedding and hair loss. Invest in a scalp oil and a good clarifying shampoo to de-gunk your scalp occasionally.

Get Frequent trims. It sounds counterintuitive if you want to grow longer hair but getting rid of split ends prevents breaks from getting farther up the hair and breaking longer lengths. Cutting an eighth of an inch of your hair every 10 to 12 weeks is enough to prevent split ends.

Try to shampoo less often but if you have an oily scalp or your job keeps you outside and you're always exposed to air pollution, look for sulfate-free shampoo. They contain less chemicals and will not strip off your hair's natural oils. Do not skip the conditioner.

Avoid heat styling. Hair straighteners, curling irons and blow dryers can be damaging to your hair. If you use them often, make sure to apply heat protectant every time. Constant bleaching and dyeing also cause their fair share of damage. Look for organic hair dye and avoid those with ammonia.

Ease up on those tight ponytails and braids as they put strain on your scalp and pull out hair. To avoid friction and tangled hair in bed, sleep on a silk pillowcase.

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