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Amazing Beauty Hack: Use Baking Soda for Flawless Skin and Healthy Hair

Here are some beauty hacks using baking soda as part of your skincare routine to help you achieve radiant skin and healthy hair. Baking soda is a staple ingredient available in every household. Not only is baking soda useful for making desserts and other yummy treats, but it can also enhance your beauty.

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate has various health benefits. These benefits range from treating heartburn to soothing canker sores and whitening teeth. Baking soda has healing properties derived from anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. For years, baking soda offers beauty hacks for your skin and hair.

Best Beauty Hacks: Use Baking Soda for Flawless Skin and Healthy Hair
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Best Beauty Hacks: Use Baking Soda for Flawless Skin and Healthy Hair

Here are the benefits of using baking soda to your skin and hair:

Benefits of Baking Soda on Your Skin

1. Soothes skin rashes

Baking soda helps dry skin that can sometimes be itchy or swell due to rashes. Using baking soda heals the skin with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

2. Relieves sunburn

Baking soda has a natural cooling effect. Using baking soda relieves the itching and burning sensations cause by sunburn. It has antiseptic and drying properties that reduce sunburn blisters quickly.

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3. Enhances Complexion

Baking soda can lighten your skin due to its bleaching properties. It will help in reducing dark marks and spots. With the continuous use of baking soda, your skin will achieve an even tone. It reduces dead cells and balances the pH level of the skin, which also helps improve your complexion.

4. Use a facial scrub

Baking soda is a good exfoliator for your skin. It can remove oils when used in a facial wash and as part of your skincare regimen. Using baking soda as a face scrub helps eliminate blackheads as well.

5. Baking soda as foot exfoliator

Baking soda helps to soften callus and can even clean black toenails. The exfoliating effect of using baking soda helps remove dry, dead skin cells, and softens your feet. While it has anti-bacterial action, it prevents any fungal infection.


The Benefit of Baking Soda for Your Hair

Although there are many claims as to how baking soda helps achieve glowing skin, it can also be useful for hair treatment.

Baking soda can help treat smelly or oily hair

Excessive oil in the body can cause a few issues, such as pimples and oily, greasy-looking hair. If your hair is oily, it may also carry a foul smell. Baking soda can help neutralize offensive odors and balance the pH level of the scalp essentially curing your oily hair problems.

Try to mix baking soda with water at a ratio of 1:3. Check the thickness of your hair and add the mixture when necessary. Wet your hair and concentrate on applying the mixture to your scalp. Leave it for five minutes then rinse out with water.

Caution: Always have a skin or patch test before using baking soda on your body and hair. For the people who have sensitive skin, please check with or consult your doctor prior to using any beauty hacks.

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