Do you have a hard time being active and staying motivated? These tips to motivate you to work out every day will help guide your daily routine.

An everyday workout is good, not only for your body but for your mind as well. Regular exercise is the best way to be healthy, but according to Australia-based celebrity fitness trainer Kayla Itsines, the most challenging part of doing your regular workout is starting to do it.

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Kayla added that a person's health and fitness is in their own hands. Motivation and discipline are essential to attain your fitness goals. Without discipline, there is no motivation, and it will keep a person further away from following a good routine.

On her Instagram account, Kayla provides before-and-after photos that will inspire people to work out. She actively posts with short captions about fitness and a change of mindset to be motivated towards exercise to over 12 million followers. She had made a series of fitness ebooks titled Bikini Body Guides and a meal-planning workout app named Sweat with Kayla.

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Motivation Tips for Regular Workouts

1. Know your "whys" or goals and write them down. Write down your purpose in achieving your goals like getting toned for vacation or workout with no equipment

Tips to Motivate You to Workout Every Day from a Celebrity Fitness Trainer (Photo: Jonathan Borba on Unsplash)

 2. Check your space and declutter any barriers that may stop your routine. According to Itsines captions, "When I know where I am doing my workout, I feel much more motivated to complete. It removes extra decision-I have to make".

If you have less space and zero equipment, Itsines provides steps for a whole body workout routine. A 10-minute workout routine that achieves results with consistency;

 * Bent-leg sit-up and reach - 30 seconds
  * Push-Up and shoulder tap - 30 seconds
  * Single-leg Romanian deadlift and knee-up - 30 seconds per side
  * Double -pulse jump lunge - 30 seconds
  * Curtsy lunge - 30 seconds
  * Rest - 30 seconds

Complete two laps
 3. Get a workout buddy who can help you check and be responsible for your daily routine. Working out with someone helps to motivate and encourage each other to attain your fitness goals.
 4. Prepare your workout gears and equipment the night before to make sure all is set the following day. Itsines always love to highlight her love for wearing active gears in her captions;

"Pajamas can equal to activewear. True or false."

"Oh, we're going out somewhere? Let me change into my nicer activewear!"

5. Make sure that your workouts are fun and achievable. To motivate working out every day, use music to add spice to your routines. If you have friends, exercise in groups and enjoy the process.

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