Victoria Beckham Beauty Launches New Posh Inspired Lipstick

Victoria Beckham Beauty Launches New Posh Inspired Lipstick
Victoria Beckham Beauty Launches New Posh Inspired Lipstick(Photo : Victoria Beckham Beauty Instagram)

Victoria Beckham Beauty Posh-Spice-inspired lipstick reveals its new collection, and everyone is so excited.

Victoria Beckham a year ago debuted her eponymous cosmetic collection. The fashion designer and makeup magnate try to meet her favorite exact lipstick shade. The new lipstick collection is two years in the making, for the exact criteria and with clean formula.

Though the pandemic compels us to hide our lips whenever we go out, considering the use of masks, this situation did not stop Victoria. "I still want to leave the house feeling as I would normally: fully put together. No mask is going to stop me from feeling like the best version of myself," Beckham told Vogue.

The lipstick line collections are all inspired by Posh-Spice Victoria. It comes with perfect nudes no matter what type of skin tone you have.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Posh Lipstick

Beckham's nine new lipsticks are bringing back the '90s nostalgia in a very modern and posh-chic way. They are Pixi, Girl, Spice, Fringe, Spout, Sway, Pose, Play, and Pop. All with their own unique nude shades to love inspired by Victoria.


The Posh Lipstick shades

  • Spice: mid-tone ginger

  • Sway: light berry pink

  • Pout: pale coral pink

  • Girl: light neutral peach

  • Pose: mid-tone mauve

  • Pixie: a pale peach nude

  • Fringe: deep copper brown

  • Play: rich plum berry

  • Pop: beautiful bright red

Victoria Beckham's lipsticks show her true feelings when wearing favorite shades in any event. "So when I developed Posh, I wanted it to be a reflection of my personal memories and journey to the woman I am today," Vitoria says.  The collection of nine colors includes nudes, pinks, berries, and red. "Each shade has its personality. Ranging from a confident pop of red to my signature, everyday nude lip", co-founder and creative director Victoria Beckham shared with Byrdie.

Vicotiria Beckham Beauty

VBB stands for Victoria Beckham Beauty. It started in 2008 from its small capsule collection into a global brand. It has flagship boutiques in London and Hong Kong.

The VBB's clean beauty lipstick is standard formulated with all-vegan superfoods and plant-based extracts.

The lipstick ingredients fun facts

Rose Flower Wax. It protects against environmental aggressors and helps keep moisture in lips. It has natural extracts to give a soft texture; it melts when it touches the lips.

Pomegranate Jojoba complex smooths and plumps lips for a fuller and defined lip contour.

A botanical blend of candelilla, carnauba, and sunflower waxes create a comfortable texture and lock in moisture.

A trio of rosehip, coconut, and avocado oils provide intense nourishment and shine helping to renew and heal chapped lips.

Victoria Beckham Posh lipstick has a distinct design stamped with "VB" on the lipsticks face. You can see it as you open the tube. Ezra Petronio, the creative and packaging designer, made the look with a slimline metal case to support the soft lipstick. The VBB Posh lipstick cap has a brand signature horn pattern too.

A year ago, Victoria Beckham launches her own beauty brand aside from her skincare products. She used all her makeup lines from VBB and everything stands out from design to color that she personally loves.

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