Chrishell Stause Opted to Freeze Her Eggs to Be a Mom Someday

Chrishell Stause Opted to Freeze Her Eggs to Be a Mom Someday
Chrishell Stause Opted to Freeze Her Eggs to Be a Mom Someday(Photo : GettyImages/Rich Fury)

Chrishell Stause reveals that she had decided to freeze her eggs in hope to be a mom in the future.

Chrishell Stause is confident that freezing egg will extend its fertility. It will give her time to be ready to become a mother and find the right person with whome she can live forever.

The 39-year-old star told People that she made the choice to take the pressure off herself and her potential future partner when starting a family the soonest.

"At present, I know have a perspective of my life and where would I be at this stage in my life. Though there is a family aspect I am missing that I hope is still a possibility for me at my age", Stause says.

Back in November 2019, Chrishell had a heartbreaking divorce with former husband Justin Hartley. They were together for two years of marriage, and it was shocking news, which according to her, "I was blindsided with his decision to get a divorce".

The pretty realtor was in a shock to receive the news of divorce from a text message that Justin sent her. However, after what happened, Chrishell tried her best to bounce back. She has been busy with dancing rehearsals and business.

Chrishell Stause decided to freeze her eggs when she was in the middle of competing in "Dancing with the Stars" this season.

During the ongoing dance rehearsals with pro partner Gleb Savchenko, she was receiving the hormonal shots as part of the procedures.

The hormonal injections needed to continue a few days before the show "DWTS" premieres last September 14.

Chrishell Stause in the right time to freeze her egg

According to studies, egg freezing is a method that can help preserve a woman's fertility. The best age for women to freeze eggs would be between 30 - 40.

Women who prefer to marry late and become a parent can choose to freeze their eggs and may opt to find a sperm donor in the future to fertilize it.

Egg freezing does carry risk. At times, the risk may happen during the egg retrieval procedures at which point complications could arise. Another factor is the emotional risk of success rate for future pregnancy when a woman gets older.

The egg freezing procedure is an expensive option, yet many single women will go for it if given the chance. Before doing the procedure, one should check the cost and financing options. Looking into insurance coverage and checklist testing would also help.

Studies show that the high demand for egg freezing from women happens in big cities, where urban competitive development occurs. Research fertility clinics are rising globally. Single women nowadays are more career-driven, but meeting the right man is not yet possible. Frozen egg can last for 10 years unless if there are medical issues.

As for Chrishell Stause, life goes on and she has a different mindset after almost a year of divorce. "I am grateful for the twists and the turns, everything happens for a reason", she shared.

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