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Alopecia is not a mere case of falling hair. It's not a form of cancer either.

Alopecia sufferers can lose hair wherever it may be. Some have bald spots; others have hair that falls out, grows, and falls out again; others lose hair throughout the body, and in rare cases; lose their crowning glory entirely.

What is Alopecia?

Our immune system is designed to fight germs, bacteria and other foreign substances that enter our body. For most of us, we get sick when our immune system gets weakened or compromised.

Sometimes, the immune system backfires and results in autoimmune disease. Our body's strongest defenses begin to attack harmless allergens (like in allergies), become over-active (like in hives), or fight bodily tissues like in psoriasis.

Alopecia areata is the effect of an immune system that attacks the hair follicles. This results is not just hair loss but also emotional pain, anxiety, and sometimes even depression. As such a strong support group is a must for alopecia sufferers.

Feeling Beautiful

Needless to say, alopecia can affect one's self-confidence and appearance. Alopecia sufferers want eyebrows on fleek and try the latest hair trends, too.

Makeup has the power to bring back a woman's confidence following alopecia. Whether you've gone bald, lost your eyebrows, or your eyelashes, you can tap into the power of makeup to 'feel like yourself' again.

Women coming into terms with alopecia areata may cope with it by wearing headscarves or wigs. Others learn to embrace alopecia and go au naturel. But for eyebrows and eyelashes, you can't really use accessories to hide them.

As such, some turn to microblading and eyebrow tattooing. If you choose this option, you may want to go with a feathery look with brow lines in place. For those who can dedicate time for makeup, here are makeup tips for alopecia beauty:

Eyebrow Makeup Tutorial for Alopecia

Opt-out of dark and bold brows and go for soft and natural brows, which are trendy in Sydney, Australia. Leave brow pencils and use brow powders and sealer instead. This helps create natural-looking brows that will last all day.

Start with a brow shape that complements your facial features. For a round face, opt for a high arch. If your face is more oval, go for soft-angled brows. Rounded brows fit diamond-shaped faces best while flat brows work well with a long face.

Choose a shade that's slightly darker than your natural hair color. Remember to use light and gentle strokes. To give dimension to your brows, draw individual hairs using a tiny brush

Aim for the natural growth direction of eyebrow hairs.

Eyelashes Makeup Tutorial for Alopecia

Eyelash perms and eyelash tattoos may sound appealing to those with alopecia, but these eyelashes can fade over time.

You can apply a gel liner on your upper lid's wet line or use it to simply dot eyeliner to fill in bare sections between lashes, then add extensions if you want.

Eyelash extensions are great. It just needs some practice to learn how to put on eyelash extensions. Remember to leave the adhesive on for about 45 seconds before setting the lashes on your eyelids. Finish off by brushing your lashes with a brow brush.

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