eyebrows on fleekCredit : Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash

We live in a time when a woman is judged by her eyebrows. No kidding.

Women take pride in all the beauty tools they use on their eyebrows, from brow gels, liners to brow powder.Then, there are technologies like microblading and eyebrow tattoos, which offer convenience for every woman who spends hours in front of her vanity mirror trying to get her eyebrows balanced.

We're obsessed with the next beauty tip to shape our eyebrows like a professional. However, just when we plucked too many brows did trends like wild, thick brows a la Cara Delevingne show up.

The truth is, trendy eyebrows look different wherever you are in the world. So to help you, we keep abreast of what's hot in eyebrow trends across the globe.

Jared Bailey of Benefit Cosmetics traveled to over 50 countries in search of eyebrow trends worldwide. The brow expert noticed that grooming preferences vary in every country and culture, and he noted unique styles in brows everywhere he traveled.

Of all the styles he saw, Bailey picked three of his favorites with the most noteworthy brow trends: Dubai, Tokyo and Sydney. He goes on to predict that those brow trends will be more apparent everywhere in the coming months.

Bailey didn't travel just to look for brow trends, though. He also learned how to recreate those brow trends.

Another mind-blowing proof of his expertise is how he came up with a single tool to cop those eyebrow trends from around the world. It's the newly-launched 2-in-1 Brow Styler from Benefit Cosmetics. The brow tool combines a wax pencil for definition and a loose brow powder for a natural look.

Now that you have the tool, you can start shaping your brows in a new way!

Bold Brows are Big in Dubai

The brow expert noted well-defined brows in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He pointed out how eyebrows and eyes must be the focus "in a culture where there are limited ways of self-expression in public."

Big and bold that are defined and contoured are how women in Dubai like their eyebrows. It's the maximalist brow trend where the bigger and more emphasized the brows are, the more beautiful they are perceived.

Brow Beauty Hack (Dubai):

  1. Use both ends of the 2-in-1 Brow Styler to perfect the Dubai brow trend.
  2. Using the wax pencil, sketch the outline of your brows, extending longer than where the brows naturally end.
  3. Next, use the loose power's special flocking tip to fill your brows.
  4. Use forward and backward motions when filling your brows.
  5. Finally, apply a second layer of the wax pencil to define and add drama to your brows.

Neat brows with clean edges in Tokyo

Women in Tokyo like their brows in the opposite of Dubai. Theirs are minimalist brows.

Bailey noted that the focus in Tokyo is creating a balance and symmetry for women's brows. Simple and polished brows with clean lines -- this is how brows are trending in Tokyo.

"Their style focuses more on shape than size," explained Bailey.

Brow Beauty Hack (Tokyo):

  1. Make the most of your wax pencil to recreate the Tokyo brow trend.
  2. Use a gentle hand to outline your shape along the top of your brow and its base.
  3. Don't go beyond the natural growth of your brow hair.
  4. Next, take the broad part of the tool's angled tip and start filling in your brows.
  5. Remember to apply more pressure to create a more defined brow.

Soft, natural brows in Sydney

Women's eyes in Sydney are complemented with a natural fullness. This look suits their no-makeup makeup look well.

Bailey shares how women in Australia go for effortless brows: "they're full and textured brows, but never overdone."

Brow Beauty Hack (Sydney, AU):

  1. The look you're going for is adding more volume and fullness.
  2. Forego the wax pencil, which creates emphasis.
  3. Instead, reach for the loose powder of the Brow Styler.
  4. Using the flocking technique, fill in sparse areas in your brows.
  5. Leave the edges raw and natural.

Check out the 2-in-1 Brow Styler from Benefit Cosmetics below: