Group Halloween Costume Ideas for Us, Ladies

Halloween costume ladies
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Has your clique been thinking of what to wear to Halloween since last year? 

Whether you've been eyeing costumes from the past Halloween party or need a fab last-minute look for your all-gals group, our list right here is what you need now!

Group Halloween Costumes 3 Ladies

'Good Morning, Angels.'

Need a quick costume in a few hours? Cop the look of this bad-ass trio. 

For Sabina: Debut your new shaggy pixie cut in platinum blonde at this year's Halloween party in a layered white tank top. You can also keep your wavy blonde tresses and don a metallic pink dress.

For Jane: Sport a slick-back ponytail paired with a tight black crop top and Lara Croft-style cargo pants.

For Elena: With relaxed waves like Kendall Jenner's crimped hair, hooped earrings and a flattering dress, you'll nail this look right from your closet.

Clueless about the '90s

Show those Gen Z kids what it's like to strut your stuff in a plaid jacket and skirt ensemble like Cher and Dionne. Finally, have the excuse to makeover the 'Tai' in your group. Don't forget the knee-high socks, ladies.

All-White Ensemble

Need a group Halloween costume for work? 

Bring out that white skirt and pants that shape your tush and pair it with crisp white blazers, and you're ready to blurt out "You Don't Own Me" like Elise, Brenda, and Annie.

Got 4 in your group? Bring Cynthia back to life!


Group Halloween Costumes for 4

Halloween and the City

This look, popularized by Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, is great as a group Halloween costume at work, too. Raid your closets for trendy pieces that the "Sex and the City" stars will wear.

Think: Runway-worthy for Carrie, bold reds for Samantha, preppy pastels for Charlotte and lady boss for Miranda.

The Godmothers

Don pink, blue and green ensembles as the good fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. Have one of you dress in a long black dress like Maleficent in her crowning 'horn' glory.

Lauren Conrad's Group Halloween Costume DIY

Cop Lauren Conrad's look for Halloween with her girlfriends this year -- party animals! Go for the "chic and wild" look with this group Halloween costumes homemade by "The Hills" star. 

Tip: Reuse this costume idea for your "Jingle Bells" dance with the ladies like Lohan and the girls.

Mixed/Large Group Halloween Costumes

Victoria before she became Mrs. Beckham

Reunite with your girls and throwback to your '90s go-to girl group. Shop for a midi dress and high platform sandals now and be the Posh, Baby, Ginger, Sporty and Scary Spice girls every Halloween party should have.

A world without men

In the world of women, we are powerful and ageless. Strut your Gal Gadot physique ladies with these Wonder Woman and the Amazonians costumes. They feature form-fitting leather ensembles and metallic-plated laurel wreath headbands. 

The Great Gatsby

Plan to glam up at Halloween? This is a great group Halloween costume for work. Borrow Carry Mulligan's look and have the perfect excuse to wear a fur shawl. The guys in your group only need to wear their classy suits.


From the comic strip to the Netflix series, you'll have lots of inspiration to get this look! Varsity jacket, a beanie and a signature letterman jacket for the guys, and colorful sweaters versus dark-colored dresses with pearls for the ladies. 

Scooby-Doo and the Gang

This look won't get old, albeit being as overrated as Disney Princesses. Add a twist to your look by getting your outfits mixed up like Fred in Daphne's body in the movie.

Taylor Swift and ex-boyfriends

The perfect look for the rose among the thorns.

If you're the only gal in a group of predominantly guys, get them to show up as your exes while you rock those red heart-eyes sunglasses and black bowler hat like the "22" singer.

What's your group Halloween costumes like?

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