Keeping up with, no, not the Kardashians, supermodels on social media one by one is a rigorous task, but fortunately E! is giving fans a chance to get a deeper look into supermodels' love with Model Squad.

Network E! Is launching the Model Squad on Sept. 4 at 8 p.m. EST, aptly in time for the New York Fashion Week, which may be the perfect occasion to drop the docu-series. The show will star Caroline Lowe, Daniela Braga, Shanina Shaik, Olivia Culpo, Ashley Moore, Ping Hue, Hannah Ferguson, Nadine Leopold, and Devon Windsor, clearly among the biggest names in the modeling industry.

The E! show is going to tackle the busy life of the models during the fall runway season. Is everything glitz and glamour? Does everything go smoothly at backstage of fashion shows? Fans are clearly in for a treat as they witness what these supermodels actually do.

The first season of Model Squad will premiere for two weeks, as mentioned in line with the New York Fashion Week, until Sept. 14. The eight episodes with one hour each will see the nine gorgeous models living their life and will show just how much they have problems like everyone else.

What To Expect

The issues in Model Squad which will be given light will range from the task of balancing career and love life to planning getaways and vacations, to moving from one place to another. Fans have already gotten a peek on what's good to come on this show that is executive produced by David Caplan, Gennifer Gardiner, and Will Staeger, when E! released the teaser in February.

To sum what can be expected of the show, it is that nothing comes easy even for supermodels. They, too, experience hardships, like Culpo, a beauty queen, who wanted so badly to get a Sports Illustrated booking. However, the rocky path to it includes a test shoot with Yu Tsai, a known hard-to-please, straight-to-the-point mentor in America's Next Top Model.

IMG model Hue, meanwhile, is getting pressure from her family to focus on other career path and to settle down already. Moore is moving to New York but was taken aback after meeting Braga, unsure of herself if she could make it big in the Big Apple.

Victoria's Secret model Windsor wants to expand her career on modeling but had a hard time juggling her relationship along the way. However, recent news would say she and boyfriend Johnny Dex have worked things out because they got engaged.