Actress, TV personality, and socialite Paris Hilton is launching her own skincare line to be called ProD.N.A. under her company, Hilton Lifestyle LLC.

All products are in line with Hilton's own skincare ideals, and the line was a product of her tireless search for the perfect products that will take care of her skin. In a press release, the DJ further revealed that it was her mom who underlined the need to take care of the skin.

"I have been obsessed with finding the best products on the market to help me look and feel young, so after years of searching I decided to create a line that can offer the absolute best results," Hilton said.

ProD.N.A. 4 Products

The 37-year-old's newest skincare line will consist of just four products: face cream, serum, lifting eye gel, and a cleansing gel. While these come in black packaging, highly unlikely for the ever-fabulous personality, these have rose gold accents that make it classier.

However, the products' packaging isn't just pretty and sleek. The containers are airtight and unlike tubs, these products have less chance of contamination because these have pressurized pumps that just dispense how much is needed.

Her constant lookout for great products to join her meticulous skincare routine just proved how dedicated she is in taking care of her skin. Unlike most people who just wash their face, put moisturizer on, and then sleep, it was reported that Hilton allots two whopping hours for her routine in the morning and at night.

If that isn't enough, it is said that she multi-masks whenever she can. That means Hilton puts on more than one mask on her face if possible. Furthermore, her interview with InStyle in 2016 revealed she's into all-natural, anti-aging ways of skincare.

Best believe it, Hilton revealed she never had Botox. She regarded the flawless and young-looking skin to her intensive regimen that is mainly focused on prevention and her awareness and education about skincare.

She then hinted that she would be coming out with her own skincare line, which is how she will impart her knowledge to younger generations. Obviously, the girl knows her products all too well, judging by how young she still looks, that or she just dived in the Fountain of Youth. Hilton's skincare line will be available on June 29.

Apart from skincare, Hilton already has a makeup and fragrance line. She already has 24 perfumes to her name.