After College, Eminem's Daugher Hailie Mathers Wants To Be A Beauty Influencer


Eminem's daughter, Hailie Scott Mathers, just finished college, and she already has an idea on what might be doing next: to be a beauty influencer.

Most fresh graduates find themselves at a loss for direction, whether to pursue what they studied, to head to a different path, or just what to do next after school. It's also the case for the 22-year-old, who just graduated from Michigan State University, where she studied psychology.

Eminem's daughter, whom he usually pops out of the lyrics of his raps, isn't entirely sure on what she plans to do now that college is finally over, but being a beauty influencer is one thing she's considering. Mathers revealed that the thought came after various brands showed interest in collaborations with her.

"People have been reaching out through [Instagram], as I don't have any [management]," Mathers explained.

It is clear as day that she isn't at all interested in following Eminem's footsteps in launching a music career, though this can change anytime. Of being a beauty influencer, Mathers won't be having a hard time with that.

Instagram Numbers

Just look at the number of her Instagram followers, currently at just more than 30,000 short to 1 million. To underline how she has gained quite a loyal, massive following on the photo-sharing app, it was only two years ago when she created an account.

Add to that, she just has more than 20 posts in her feed. While Mathers doesn't post makeup tutorials, she is a fan of sharing selfies that looked like she came straight out of the pages of a magazine. Even so, Eminem's daughter admitted she isn't tapped to do glossy shoots, though she has been asked by "the companies who work with them."

Interestingly, she has lived a pretty private life, away from the limelight. A source even claimed that Mathers was like any normal student in school, and though she was popular, she made sure her studies didn't suffer.

While she has managed to keep her life away from the public, the same can't be said of some rap songs of Eminem, which had exposed some details of her life. Probably his most blatant song about his daughter is the 2017 song "Castle." Mathers is the child of the award-winning musician and ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott.

If all else fail when she finally becomes a beauty influencer, she has psychology as her fallback. After all, she was an impressive student, who was "on the Dean's List or whatever," as she put it.

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