Kristen Stewart Is Awesome For Taking Off Her Heels At Cannes: Here's Why


Kristen Stewart is awesome, to say the least, when she took off her heels at the red carpet of Cannes, making a statement loud and clear.

The 28-year-old actress again got the worldwide attention after her latest red carpet appearance at the Cannes Film Festival for the BlacKkKlansman screening. It wasn't what she was wearing, but it was more on what she removed and then what she did next that left everyone in awe.

Stewart, who was wearing a Chanel silver dress, posed for the cameras on the Cannes red carpet. However, once that was done, she immediately took off her black Christian Louboutin stilettos, which even was captured by photographers, and made her way to the steps barefoot.

For those who are unaware, Stewart's action might be a protest of the peculiar Cannes red carpet flats bans. Yup, the film festival has that rule where ladies should wear heels, or else you get booted, just like a 2015 case wherein a group of women was barred from the festival.

However, the rule was deemed axed already as Cannes had received a huge backlash following the 2015 incident. Stewart's latest removal of her heels seemed to underline her slamming of the film festival of its outlandish rule.

Stewart proves once again that she does not give a care on Cannes' flats ban, and here she is again making her voice heard. Yet again, it could be that her feet just hurt because anyone who has worn heels will know the struggle.

Moreover, it wasn't exactly her first red carpet appearance for this year's festival. That said, days of wearing heels might be too much for Stewart.


However, while that may be the case, Stewart's history suggests that she's likely rebelling Cannes' flats ban. It is important to note that in 2016, she did the same thing, but that she changed her shoes into something a little comfier.

At the time, Stewart wore a pair of silver heels and even gave the finger as she posed for the photographers. As plain as day, she was sending the message loud and clear. After the photo-op, she changed her heels to black sneakers, which, of course, was caught on camera.

Prior to her Cannes appearance in 2016, she had slammed the rule on wardrobe, saying it was a sexist rule imposed on women. However, Stewart said at the time that she's not against heels but that the film festival should change such an unfair rule.

"Things have to change immediately. It's just like you simply cannot ask me to do something that you are not asking him. I get the black-tie thing but you should be able to do either version-flats or heels," she said.

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