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Experts Suggest To Think Twice Before Wearing Makeup To The Gym

ByK.M. Labrador
Apr 04, 2017 05:53 PM EDT

Going out with a bare face is truly not comfortable for most girls, even when going to the gym and getting all sweaty. However, experts speak up about the truth behind wearing makeup in the gym and how it is harmful to the skin.

According to Marie Claire, facialist and aesthetician Andy Millward, one should "never ever" hit the gym wearing full face makeup.

She says makeup has been created to sit on the skin's surface, unlike skincare products. During heart pumping activities where one gets all hot and sweaty, Millward explains that the skin gets warmer which means that it is prone to absorbing products and can damage pores as it "increases congestion and blockages."

The expert further explained that wearing makeup to the gym may resort to skin deterioration. Source adds that it can also worsen all present skincare problem such as acne and blackheads. Millward highly recommends bringing micellar water or makeup wipes to make sure that makeup is removed before hitting the gym.

Another makeup expert also points out the same thing, according to Byrdie, Jo Baker shares that while getting sweaty working out one must let the skin breathe from makeup. Baker says that by letting the skin breathe it is also a way of letting the skin "do what it's supposed to do" which includes flushing out unwanted toxins. With makeup on at the gym, it only leads to breakouts and bacteria buildup.

More than the letting the skin do its natural function, not wearing makeup to the gym according to Baker is also an act of loving one's own skin. But, if there's really a need to wear makeup, the expert suggests using a brow gel to keep the brows intact, a lip balm (or a tinted one) and a natural tea tree spot concealer to hide that blemish and at the same time soothe and heal it. 

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