Known for their unique lip balm flavors, Lip Smacker has again revealed one of its fans' most-awaited flavor - Oatmeal Cookie. The flavor reveal was posted by the brand on their official Instagram account Wednesday.

According to Popsugar, this new sweet flavor will be included in the old school brand's "Original and Best Pary Packs" which will be available toward the end the month. The flavor is expected to bring back that childhood vibe of hydrating the lips using the brand's wide range of yummy tasting lip balms.

Lip Smacker also recently announced their new Tsum Tsum balm characters which were reported to feature adorable Bambi's bunny friend, Thumper that comes in caramel kisses scent and one of Winnie the Pooh's friends, Eeyore in butterscotch scent. Adorable chipmunks, Chip and Dale will also be debuted as sweet dessert flavors of Chocolate Chip and Kooky Oatmeal Cookie. These new characters of the Tsum Tsum balms are already available on the brand's website starting at $5 each.