Popwhite Introduces New Purple Color-Correcting Toothpaste For Whiter Teeth

While many products in the market claim to whiten one's teeth, most of it tend to be something which would require additional steps and time after brushing. Taking a hassle-free route, this revolutionary toothpaste brand has formulated a product that can whiten the teeth minus the additional to-dos.

In a report by Refinery29, Popwhite aims to achieve this teeth whitening through adding its whitening primer to their toothpaste. The article shared that the brand is run by a makeup artist and dental scientist and has been creating peroxide free products which is a known active ingredient in tooth whitening products that can cause irritations.

Popwhite's toothpaste was reported to be in color purple which might be odd but has a science behind its color-correcting powers. The effects of the purple toothpaste is similar to the science of using purple shampoo and conditioner to maintain the platinum hue of blond hair. ­­To get that white pearls, the brand suggests brushing teeth twice a day with the primer toothpaste and rinsing with their oral rinse which has a whitening toner. This oral rinse is also purple and contains "xylitol, coconut oil, and peppermint oil."

According to­ Marie Claire's Lauren Valenti, after using both of the teeth whitening products for 14 days as recommended it has been proven to show impressing results. Lauren also shared that her tongue turned purple after using the products but was back to normal after a few minutes.

After about a week in using Popwhite, she wrote that she started to see a different in her teeth. Two weeks in and using her MAC Ruby Woo lip color as a "benchmark" her teeth truly became pearly whites. Lauren also lauded the product because it did not make her teeth sensitive, unlike other whitening treatments. Both the products reportedly cost about $48 on Popwhite's website.

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