'Hello' Singer Adele Channels Inner Beyonce On Stage

Award-winning singer Adele has always been vocal about her love for Beyonce. The "Hello" singer recently took this love on a higher level and showed off her secret Queen B moves on stage.

While doing one of her shows at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, as reported in HelloGiggles, Adele stood up in facing a fan on stage and whipped her hair in front of her concert crowd. Unleashing her inner diva out, her impromptu moves gained a massive round of applause and cheers from her fans.

However, a report said that even though singer-songwriter did not directly mention the name of Beyonce, it is obvious that Adele was showcasing her moves. It is known that Queen Bey puts out high-energy performances during her concerts. After that stint during her show, classic Adele made a joke about needing a medic because something was wrong with her head.

According to Inquisitr, this has not been the first time that Adele had a fangirl moment with Beyonce. She made buzz recently during the Grammy Awards when she devoted some of her award Grammy for Record of the Year acceptance speech to Queen Bey. Towards the end of her acceptance speech, Adele thanked the singer for "inspiring her" and popped in the joke about wanting Beyonce to be her mom.

Another moment, as cited in the same report, was during Adele's album "25" winning the Grammy for Album of the year past Beyonce's "Lemonade" album. The singer began her speech by sharing about her motherhood struggles and added that she cannot accept such recognition because her Queen Bee was much more deserving.

Adele added during that event that Beyonce's album was just so "monumental" and has shown another side of the singer. Beyonce, in response, has expressed her appreciation of what the English singer's touching words during the awards event. That speech has gained various criticism towards Adele as an aftermath of what she did. 

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