Robert Pattinson Denies Giving Opinion on Kristen Stewart’s New Hair Style

REX/Shutterstock Kristen Stewart stunned everyone when she showed her sexy blonde short hair at the "Personal Shopper" premiere on March 7 in Los Angeles. The public attention directly went to her ex, Robert Pattinson. People want to know his opinion about this. But Pattinson never reveals his opinion of Stewart's newly shaved head amid various report.

HollywoodLife wanted to know the opinion of Pattinson about his ex-girlfriend's new haircut. The site claimed that a source explained that Rob really loved Kristen's new look. Kristen had told him in 2011 that one day she will shave all her hair off. The same source also said that Pattinson also believed that Kristen can pull off any hair style and still look cool and edgy.

However, Gossip Cop cross-checked it with an actual source close to the actor, who assured that the HollywoodLife source did not exist. It was because Pattinson had not expressed his feeling at all about Stewart's haircut.

Stewart's newly shaved head did not have anything to do with Pattinson. She shaved it and dyed it blonde for the upcoming movie "Underwater," which she plays a mechanical engineer working on an oil rig. 

Vulture added that the disaster movie is about a group of ocean researchers' survival after an earthquake devastates their subterranean laboratory. In short, it is like "Deep Blue Sea" without the modified hyper-intelligent sharks. The director suggested for Stewart to cut her hair and she agreed to that idea.

This false reports about Pattinson and Stewart also occurred in 2014. A report published a contradictory story claiming Pattinson disliked Stewart's hair to ever be cut short. The same site also made a story about Pattinson's alleged reaction to Stewart's "Saturday Night Live" appearance.

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