Kristen Stewart 'Could Care Less' About Ex-Boyfriend Robert Pattinson's Hot Romance With FKA Twigs

Kristen Stewart allegedly 'could care less' about her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson's flourishing romance with British musician FKA Twigs. Could it be because things are scorching hot between the actress and her rumoured girlfriend Alicia Cargile? 

"They are getting very serious," a source told Radar about the couple, who have been spotted holding hands and kissing in recent months.

"Kristen and Alicia are not only living together, but they act like an old married couple."

Stewart and Cargile's relationship is apparently immune to the pretentiousness of Tinseltown.

"With Alicia, Kristen does not have a façade," the insider said. "Very few people can actually get to know the real Kristen and that is how she likes it. But when Kristen is with Alicia, there are no walls around her. She not only acts like herself, but she is also incredibly genuine because Alicia brings out the best in her."

"Kristen acts like a little girl when they are together and there is really no putting words on how happy her friends are to see her happy," the source added. "Kristen is finally in a relationship where she is just loved unconditionally, but not because she is a movie star."

The 24-year-old "Twilight" star's ex-boyfriend, 28-year-old Robert Pattinson, is now nothing but an afterthought, the source insisted.

"As far as Robert Pattinson goes, that is just a joke," said the insider. "Kristen could care less what he does, who he is with, or where he lives."

"Kristen will never stop being who she is for her ex," added the source. "That is done. Done."

Pattinson certainly seems to have moved on, having recently given his new girlfriend, musician FKA Twigs, a promise ring.

"They picked the rings out together. Rob wanted to give Tahliah a promise ring over the holidays, but couldn't find the right one so he held off," a pal recently told Us Weekly.

"They had been looking at rings together since the beginning of the year. It's like a pre-engagement ring. Very authentic and one of a kind."

"He wants to marry her," another source dished to People. "[He's] much more calm and happy than before. They are inseparable when they are together. They live at his house."

This article originally appeared on Design & Trend. 

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