Ed Sheeran Breaks UK Chart Records, Has Nine Singles Out Of 10


Ed Sheeran is currently on the seventh cloud with his latest album "Divide" is on a record breaking run. The singing sensation's third album has become the fastest-selling album by a male artist and third-fastest selling album in UK chart history, with over 672,000 copies sold till now, outselling the rest top 500 albums combined. Only Adele's "25" and Oasis' "Be Here Now" has sold more copies in their first week with 800,00 and 696,000 copies sold respectively.

As reported by the BBC, the 26-year-old singer also has nine singles in the top 10, and 16 songs in the top 20 this week, which itself is a feat. "I never dreamed of having nine songs in the top 10 ever in my life. I don't know if something's gone wrong, but yeah, I'm very, very happy about it," said the singer.

According to Daily Mail, the album has broken many records since its release when it sold 232,000 copies on the first day, which is greater than any artist's album in a week in 2016. Ed also smashed the 'first day' and 'one day' streams for an album with over 68 million with his song "Shape Of You". It is expected that the Brit's album may achieve the biggest first-week sales of 2017 in the US as well.

In an interview, Ed reveals that he wanted to beat the sales record of Adele, who he considers as the benchmark for the kind of global success he wishes to achieve."Adele is the only person with more sales records than me in last 10 years. It's a big feat because her album sold over 20 million copies and I'd selling myself short if don't set to beat her," said Ed.

The singer is expected to experiment in his next album, after giving clues on the bonus tracks of "Divide", which showed a different style of his singing. A couple of these bonus tracks were higher than on the week charts than the main songs of the album.

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