Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry don't exactly move in the same circles, with Sheeran being BFFs with Perry's ultimate frienemy, but it seems that the two musicians have set their differences aside. In a new interview, Ed even became chummy with Katy, and they seem to like each other - a lot!

Of course, there is one tiny detail that people didn't fail to miss out in this new BFF-ship: isn't Ed best friends with Katy's frienemy, Taylor Swift? That may be so, but it seems that Ed and Tay don't employ the "my enemies are your enemies" kind of relationship.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1 ahead of her Brit Award performance in London, Katy noticed Ed outside the studio and immediately called him out for knocking her latest single, "Chained to the Rhythm." off the number 1 spot on iTunes, with a joking flip of her middle finger added for good measure.

Ed then made his way to the studio to strike up a conversation with the California Girl, crashing her interview in the process. However, not all is bad, it seems that the pair revealed a lesser-known story about their first meeting. According to Ed, it was after he played a gig in Toronto, ad he was sweating so bad, he didn't make the best first impression with the pop star. "I walked up to her and she was like, 'Hi. I would hug you, but ew,'" he recounted.

Of course, now that he's also as popular as she is, Katy joked that their meeting could go a very different way. Another thing that the pair bonded over, according to Us Magazine, was the number of losses that they have had at the Grammys. Ed noted that they both have 13 nominations so far.

Sure, they look all chummy, but many think fast friendship this will not fare well with Taylor, whose song, "Bad Blood" may or may not be about her own feud with Katy. It might be time for "Bad Blood Pt. 2."