Grammys 2017 Puts Beyoncé As Most Nominated Artist Ever

Grammys 2017 -- by now most people would have heard of Adele winning the most coveted Album of the Year Award only to dedicate it to the black woman she has long admired. At 26, she already has five more Grammys compared to her idol, but that doesn't mean Beyoncé matters any less.

With nine nominations for Grammys 2017 alone, Beyoncé became the most nominated artist of the awards show. She already has 20 Grammys to her name, but she also held the record for being the first artist to earn nominations in the pop, rock, R&B and rap catergories in a same year, not to mention the most-nominated artist in Grammy history with 62 nominations amassed over the years.These numerous nominations are not just for kicks.

"Artists are feeling emboldened and courageous and just wanting to step out of the predictable boundaries of what they have done. Of course, (Beyoncé) is the poster child for that," Recording Academy CEO and President Neil Portnow shared to the Associated Press, as quoted by the Telegraph UK.

His statement is not without merit. Entertainment Weekly also reported that Adele herself pointed out in her Grammys 2017 speech that Beyoncé made her "black friends" feel empowered. She also added, "you make thEem stand up for themselves and I love you, I always have and I always will."While she may not have won the coveted "Album of the Year" award, but it didn't mean that she lost the opportunity to thank her support and fans for her journey.

Following her victory for Best Urban Contemporary Album award, Glamour Magazine noted that she delivered a moving speech about the creation of the deeply personal "Lemonade" album. In her Grammy 2017 speech, she discussed issues ranging from redefining beauty standards, meaning of race for her daughter, Blue Ivy and even her marriage to Jay Z, in hopes of making it easier for people everywhere to discuss "taboo" topics such as infidelity and female empowerment.

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