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Nikki Reed Confronting Nina Dobrev? 'Twilight' Star Wants To 'Invite Nina Over For Dinner' After Reports Claim Fiance Ian Somerhalder, Ex-Girfriend Were 'Very Touchy' On Set

ByTiffany Guevarra
Jan 29, 2015 04:37 PM EST

Nikki Reed reportedly wants to invite her former pal Nina Dobrev over for dinner, a source told Hollywood Life.

“Nikki has said that she wants to invite Nina over for dinner, but it hasn’t happened yet," the insider said of the 26-year-old "Twilight" actress.

This comes just a day after reports claimed that Reed's fiance, Ian Somerhalder, and his ex-girlfriend were spotted being "very touchy" and looking cozy on the set of "The Vampire Diaries."

While there's some speculation that Reed is perhaps planning to warn Dobrev off her man, it turns out Reed only wants to catch up and be friends with the 26-year-old Belgian beauty again!

"She has no bad blood for Nina. She would love if they could all be friends again,” the source told the site.

Reed, who announced her engagement to Somerhalder on Sunday after six months of dating, reportedly wants to be "close" to Dobrev again after they lost touch.

“She and Nina used to be so close and Nikki has told lots of people that she would love to get back to that place with her," the insider added.

Reports of Somerhalder and his ex being "touchy" while filming their hit vampire drama doesn't make Reed feel threatened either as she remains "very confident" about her man's loyalty and faithfulness.

“Most girls would have a problem with Ian spending all this time with his ex, but Nikki isn’t most girls. She’s very confident and she doesn’t see Nina as a threat. Ian’s close friends with pretty much all of his exes — she’s okay with it,” the source revealed.

Though Reed may soon extend an olive branch to her former pal, it doesn't seem as if Dobrev is ready to accept it yet, if reports pitting them against each other prove to be correct.

Recent reports claimed that Dobrev has been throwing some major shade at her ex-boyfriend's fiancee over the past few days, Gossip Cop noted.

One quote recently posted by Dobrev, which read: "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice," was reportedly aimed at Reed.

She also captioned an Instagram photo of her pet and a teddy bear wearing a "Vampire Diaries" shirt: "Ms. Cuddles trying to cuddle up to my Lynx. But my lynx doesn't like fake b****," reportedly dissing Reed.

Both actress have continually denied allegations that they're feuding, however, so there's likely more to this story than meets the eye.

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