Twitter Users SLAM Idina Menzel After Botched 'Let It Go' NYE Performance: See Details Here!

Idina Menzel made a big splash at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2015 but not for the reason fans may expect.

The Broadway star performed 2014's biggest song, "Let It Go," live in freezing temperatures at the New Year's Eve event but it didn't go as flawlessly as usual.

Menzel botched the high note of the song, which isn't all that surprising considering the frigid conditions she had to perform in. However, fans couldn't let it go unmentioned and criticized the singer-actress on Twitter.

"I'm just going to pretend that was Idina's alter ego Adele Dazeem performing...." posted one Twitter user.

Another fan tweeted: "Adele Dazeem just butchered 'Let It Go' in Times Square--too bad they couldn't book Idina Menzel #nye."

However, not everyone gave Menzel, who voiced the character Elsa in the highest-grossing animated film of all of time "Frozen," a hard time about her botched note.

Heather R. Powell rallied behind the star, saying: "Idina sounded phenomenal up until that last high note, but FFS, it's 20 degrees out and she's singing live. Kudos, Adele Dazeem!"

Some were willing to let the mistake slide after admitting that few could reach the high note like Menzel usually can.

"I can't say anything about the end of idina menzel's performance bc i'd sound like a dying whale if i tried to sing that note," tweeted christine loves h (@magentazouis).

But her critics appeared to outweigh her supporters as more Twitter users slammed Menzel.

"This a Capella group that I've never heard of is performing better than Adele Dazeem #letitgo #RockinEve," tweeted Hannah Ramlo (@hannahramlo) on Thursday.

"They booked Idina Menzel, but got Adele Dazeem," posted Bradley Beck (@NormalSerious).

"That wasn't @idinamenzel singing. That was her evil twin Adele Dazeem. #NewYearsRockinEve," wrote Kristen Hooper (@Kristen_Hooper).

"I think Adele Dazeem hit a bum note there," said Stephe96 (@Stephe96).

"I think Adele Dazeem kidnapped Idina Manzel and sang Let it Go tonight. #awful," tweeted bobick (@bobick).

"Idina Menzel just scream-sang ‘Let It Go’ on ABC, so you missed absolutely nothing," wrote Twitter user EPCOT Explorer (@EPCOTExplorer).

"This has got to be Adele Dazeem on stage. Because, yikes." posted Jenna Rosenstein (@JennaRosenstein).

"Idina menzel u have more voice training than anyone else wtf was that," shared Claudia (@thewaitisogre) to her Twitter followers.

What do you think of Idina Menzel's performance? Do you agree with her supporters or her critics? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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