Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller Talk 'American Sniper,' Clint Eastwood; Miller: Eastwood Didn’t Intimidate Me

"American Sniper" stars Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller have shared their thoughts about their recent film and working with director Clint Eastwood.

The USO of Metropolitan New York hosted a private screening of "American Sniper" on Dec. 19, Fox News reported.

During the event, Cooper expressed how honored he felt play the role of United States Navy SEAL dubbed as the most lethal American sniper, Chris Kyle. He said, "I'm so proud of this film and so humbled by the experience of Chris' story."

The 39-year-old two-time Academy Award nominee said they have done their job if people have a better understanding of what military families go through after watch "American Sniper."

According to Cooper, he and Eastwood made the war movie "to help service our military and veterans and their families."

On the other hand, Miller said she has never met Eastwood before filming "American Sniper." In an interview with Wall Street Journal, she said meeting Eastwood "should have been intimidating" but the director was "so warm and loving and sweet."

According to Miller, Eastwood is the kind of director who does very few takes as he knows exactly what he wants.

"He'll shoot the rehearsal and sometimes that will be enough," Miller said of Eastwood. "He has complete confidence in knowing what he's looking for and has a huge barometer for truth."

Joining Cooper and Miller in the "American Sniper" cast are Brando Eaton, Keir O'Donnell, Max Charles, Jake McDorman, Brian Hallisay, Luke Grimes, E.R Ruiz, Kyle Gallner, Marnette Patterson and Sam Jaeger, among others.

Also, one of the minor characters is played by a third generation Marine and Iraq war veteran Jake Schick, who lives in San Francisco.

"Wynne' is my character's name. He's a severely wounded Marine. I better have nailed it," Schick said with a laugh during an interview with WFAA.

Before "American Sniper, Schick had appeared in an HBO documentary titled "Alive Day Memories."

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